I Didn’t Dare to Speak (2021)
director, writer, editor

B&W 16mm / Netherlands

Amid the Rotterdam landscape of skateboarders, friendship, and youthful rebellion, the film highlights the adversities of growing up. Do we seek friendship to distract us or through common interests can we feel like we belong? What does a friend mean to anyone?

Shot on 16mm, this introspective film celebrates loneliness as one of the most fulfilling parts of growing up, because without it, it asks, how can we truly understand ourselves?

◇ Theatre Rotterdam (2023)
◇ Roffa Mon Amour (2023)
◇ Celestial Festival, Berlin (2023) with Q+A
◇ Asia Pride Games, Taipei (2022)
◇ Sinema Transtopia, Berlin (2022) with Q+A
◇ WANDA NYC (2022)
◇ Haarlem Kunstlijn, Haarlem (2021)
◇ Avalon Cafe, London (2021)
◇ Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem (2021)
◇ GirlsinFilm (2021)